What is netivist?

online ecosystem for participation and online activism


Welcome to netivist, the new free and open online forum that aims at stimulating participation and civic engagement. Netivist is a socially responsible organisation which seeks to empower digital citizens by providing a platform where they can vote, express their opinions, satisfy their curiosity and organise collective action on the issues they care about across a large range of areas that include politics, entertainment, lifestyle, sports and consumer products.

Netivist believes in open data and transparency and we will provide information to our users to inform their views and decisions.

Netivist is completely advertisement free.  At netivist, we take privacy seriously we won't give your email address to anyone else and we will not use your information to send you unsolicited promotional material. If you sign up, we will use your email address only to notify you about new content on netivist.org.

We live in a world of “digital citizens”, a world where people increasingly engage in society through the use of information technologies. Internet users have proven to be very passionate about social issues, government policies, consumer products, sport teams, fashion, videogames, movies, etc. Netivist wants to channel this growing online activism into a common platform. Netivist gives you the opportunity to:

a) vote and comment on a wide range of controversial and/or fun debates;

b) endorse/sign and create campaigns and petitions about issues or problems you care about;

c) contact people sharing your views or who advocate similar causes to those you defend and create groups and networks

d) build your reputation as expert or opinion leader on one or several areas;

e) have fun! In netivist you earn points, levels and trophies, by voting, commenting and mobilizing other users and climb the rankings of most influential netivists.

In netivist we are interested in what you think and we want to help your voice be heard by many others. When you participate in netivist you contribute to shape opinions and exert influence on policy-makers, opinion leaders, businessmen, artists, creators of cultural goods and entertainment, as well as on companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

We are an independent organization for which neutrality and dialogue are core values. All debates in netivist are carefully selected and moderated by a panel of experts in different areas of knowledge (including social scientists, marketing experts and trend analysts). The purpose of netivist is not to promote any particular stance, product, brand or organization but to enable respectful and constructive debates in which everyone feels comfortable defending her own views.

For more information about netivist please go to our FAQ section and to our mini tutorial.

With your help we hope to contribute to a better world. Thanks for your interest and participation!


For any problem, comment or suggestion please contact us via: support{at}netivist.org or userqueries{at}netivist.org

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