Opening University to Society: Knowledge Exchange, Engagement and Impact 

Universities aren't "ivory towers" but they face an important challenge:

A) Most academics struggle to reach out and have a stronger impact on society

B) People outside university feel "excluded" from such a formidable source of knowledge. Higher education institutions should have a greater role in informing public opinion and decision-making

Netivist University helps to solve this problem by:

  • Turning lectures and academic publications into open and accessible public discussions
  • Offering a unique channel of communication between university and society at large, as well as between teachers and students 
  • Providing evidence of engagement and social impact (visits, comments, votes) 

‚ÄčDiscover here many excellent public discussions created by top universities and think-tanks

If your organization is interested in promoting debates related to public events or publications, or in creating a legacy for research projects, contact us: university {at}