Petition: Save the London School of Economics Nursery


LSE nursery. Sign and share if you want to save the LSE nursery

If you are concerned about the future of the LSE Nursery, please sign and share this petition to convince the LSE to further support affordable university daycare


Petition addressed to:

  • Professor Craig Calhoun, Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • Mr Julian Robinson, Director of Estates Division at the LSE

The London School of Economics and Political Science, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE

Rationale of the campaign: 

This petition seeks to raise awareness and support for the London School of Economics Day Nursery, which has offered an invaluable service to hundreds of student and staff families over the last 40 years. We believe that the School should invest more in the Nursery and try to improve its services, as well as further subsidise its cost to students. LSE should not consider its closure, either temporary or permanent. In the context of welfare cuts and record prices in London, university childcare is more important than ever for young families.


Petition: Save the London School of Economics Nursery

Dear Professor Calhoun and Mr. Robinson,

The LSE Day Nursery is celebrating its 40th anniversary. It opened in 1975 and now 40 years later, it still provides care for children from three months to five years. We are proud that our children had their first LSE experience early in their lives. However, over the last few years, some concerns have been raised about the economic viability of the LSE Day Nursery. Currently its facilities are far from ideal and its price extremely high for students. The LSE Day Nursery is located in a basement (8a Wild Street London WC2B 5TB) with very little natural light for children. The LSE Nursery fees£1,215 a month per child under two, make this an unaffordable service for many students and staff members (fees are higher for families unconnected to LSE). These issues have led the School to analyse whether keeping this university daycare service makes sense.

We strongly believe the LSE Day Nursery not only should be kept open, but should also receive more investment and support from the School as the service of the Nursery is extremely valuable for its users. The LSE has been continuously expressing its commitment to enhance equality practices. Following the Equality Act of 2010, it launched its Single Equality Scheme which aimed to take positive steps to include people which are disproportionately excluded from participation in education and academic work.

Although sometimes forgotten, the nursery is an important instrument in promoting equalityA subsidised university nursery can make the difference for a new parent, in particular in the current context of welfare cuts. The LSE Nursery has made the difference for students with young families, especially mature ones. It can also help attract foreign students, with no access to any sort of government help.

Moreover, the people working at the LSE Nursery are extremely professional and take excellent care of these children, actively helping their development. Despite the limitations in terms of space, these caregivers have continuously organised original activities to stimulate children and engaged with parents to ensure a great overall experience for all Nursery users. Children and parents are very grateful for all their hard work. It is important to give these professionals the means necessary to carry out their work in good conditions. 

In sum, the nursery is an important instrument in promoting equality and inclusion, and the LSE should ensure the future and accessibility of this much needed service. We would like to kindly request the LSE to re-locate the Nursery in the next few years and in the meantime reinforce the investment in it. The construction of new buildings on campus creates a windows of opportunity for the School to change the location of the LSE Day Nursery. Children should have a yard and natural light. In the short term we suggest the LSE renovates the Nursery facilities and makes sure that its service is not interrupted at any time. On the contrary, the LSE should reinvest in the Nursery to continue offering such a great service to current and future LSE families. Finally the LSE should introduce stronger subsidies to ensure that all students with children, regardless of their socio-economic background, can afford the LSE Day Nursery.

We thank you in advance for considering this petition and the measures suggested.

Yours faithfully,


Petition by: A group of thankful LSE parents

Goal of the petition: 250 signatures

Deadline: 1st January 2016

If you want the LSE to continue investing and offering daycare services for student and staff families, please sign this petition

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